About K&S

Welcome to K&S Wholesale, your number one source for all things including Phone accessories, toys, electronics and much more. We are dedicated to providing you the very best of all of our product line, with an emphasis on quality, lowest rates, and customer service.


Founded in 2005 by our Managing Director Majid Haroon, K&S started 15 years ago as a sole distributor of Phone accessories. Starting with one warehouse In The Bronx, now K&S has expanded its operations to 3 warehouses in Long Island with a wide inventory of phones accessories, toys, electronics, and much more.

We love serving our customers and we will continue to do so for foreseeable future.

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As our team has grown, it becomes more and more important to identify the core values that guide everything we do. Our core values develop and define our culture, our business strategies and we are as professionals in today’s corporate world. It’s our goal to consistently live these core values out in our lives daily and encourage both our teammates and clients to hold us accountable to these values.

  • Innovate and Lead

  • Embrace Accountability

  • Focus on Solutions

  • Build Relationships and have fun

  • Be Great and never settle


We at K&S take pride in our code of ethics principals. We make sure that our core ethical principals are followed by all of us within the organization

  1. Obey the law

  2. Take care of our Customers and Retailers

  3. Take care our employees

  4. Respect our suppliers

Reach the Top


To continually provide our customers with quality goods and services at the lowest rate possible