A.S.K 10ft All-in-One Fishnet Cable

A.S.K 10ft All-in-One Fishnet Cable


   Exquisite materials have been sourced and brought together using the latest technologies to create a unique and elegant cable for all of your devices.

  ★【Extra Long】 - You no longer have to struggle with trying to charge your               phone from inconveniently placed power outlets due to the 10ft length of                   this fishnet cable. You can now easily reach the outlets that shorter cables                 fail to reach.

  • 【Durable Material】- Unique Fishnet Design, high quality nylon fiber material makes this cable unparalleled premium fishnet lifespan which is several times more durable than other cables.
  • 【Quality Copper Wire】- Connects to your devices with Lightning Connector, type-c, or micro charge/sync by connecting the USB connector into wall charger or computer. Enjoy charge times up faster than than most standard cables.
  • 【Flexibility】- With the 10ft all-in-one Cable, you don't have to sit near a power outlet as you charge your device. Instead, you have the flexibility to set up your work environment as you prefer.



Min Order: 1 case