Mauve Callus Remover

Mauve Callus Remover


Introducing the the last Callus Remover you’ll Ever purchase Tired of having to hide your feet all summer long because you're embarrassed about cracked skin, corns and calluses? Friction from your shoes can lead to thickened, toughened skin and while it's not possible to skip wearing footwear to protect your feet, you can eliminate those calluses and corns with the Mauve Callus and Corn Remover!

The Mauve Callus and Corn Remover is a revolutionary battery-operated device that gently, yet effectively removes dead skin, calluses and corns with its pumice roller head. Safer and more effective than foot files, the pedicure tool provides spa quality results and takes only minutes to use.

Compared to other battery-operated callus removers, the Mauve Callus and Corn Remover has been recommended by many foot specialists

Here’s why:

FASTER. A powerful motor allows the head to spin at speeds of 50 revolutions per second, allowing you to fully exfoliate your feet quickly. 

MORE EFFECTIVE. You won't find another pedicure tool with our innovative coarse pumice head, which lifts away skin efficiently for the smoothest, softest results possible. 

ERGONOMIC. You'll be able to effectively exfoliate every part of your feet, thanks to the lightweight, easy-to-grip, readily maneuverable design. 

WATERPROOF. The Mauve corn and callus remover can be used anywhere and is simple to rinse clean.



Min Order: 1 case