Power Stix Power Bank Floor Display

Power Stix Power Bank Floor Display


Charge With Pre-Charged Power Stix, Power up On The Go! Sleek Cyliner Steel Body Looks Stylish & Gives A Supreme Quick Charge. Blue 4000 mAh Power Bank Lights-up With Super Bright LED Light. Works With All Phones!

Cool Eco-Friendly Floor Display Includes:
- 2000 mAh Cylinder Power Bank 12 Pcs
- 2000 mAh Power Bank Stand 6 Pcs
- 4000 mAh Power Bank LED 6 Pcs


Display Count: 24 Pcs (Each Order Comes With 2 Displays = 48 Pcs)

Price Per: $5.00

Display Price: $240.00 (5x48)


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